Mohammad Eryza, known as ERYZA, was born in Jakarta, March 27th 1979. He finished his diploma degree in Interstudi majoring Advertising on 1999, then continued to advance diploma in Raffles LaSalle International Design School, Singapore. His first interest in photography came when he was still on very young age. In That time, he got a gift from his mother, a RICOH rangefinder camera.

His photography career begin in 2004 as In-house Photographer in a fashion retail company and later it become his passion to capture people, fashion & beauty.

He works well with major fashion brands such as Lee Cooper, P.S., M2, Valino, Kent, Harry Martin, Stefania Baldo, etc. He also contributes for some fashion magazine such as Marie Claire Indonesia, Aquilla Asia, Perkawinan, Kebaya in Style, etc. 

In 2011, he received an honor to become a finalist of “Broncolor - Senso, Primaimaging Creative Challenge.”

“I love capturing moment especially human because there's a dialogue between me and subject, blends with lines, curves, perspective or even drama, to create a story.” - Eryza

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